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Instructor's class websites can be visited by clicking on the icon next to their name. Some instructor's have several websites and therefore have a corresponding number of arrows.

Name Position Email Phone
Bengston, Rhonda Kitchen ms_kitchen@msspahs.org 1347 n/a
Cadwell, Louisa Theatre lcadwell@msspahs.org 1362 Link to website
Piner, GaVae School Counselor gpiner@msspahs.org 1344 n/a
Ciganko, Lara Dance lciganko@msspahs.org 1356 Link to websiteLink to website
Cullison, Lisa Special Education Paraprofessional lcullison@msspahs.org   n/a
Erickson, Michelle Director of Teaching and Learning merickson@msspahs.org 1354 Link to website
Flory, Tyler English tflory@msspahs.org 1320 Link to website
Galeski, Ian Chemistry/Physical Science igaleski@msspahs.org 1360 Link to website
Herzog, Ginny Science Teacher vherzog@msspahs.org 1360 n/a
Katz, Adam Special Education akatz@msspahs.org 1348 n/a
Klun, Elizabeth Spanish Teacher eklun@msspahs.org 1368 n/a
Leaf, William Theatre wleaf@msspahs.org 1358 Link to website
Leverentz, Michael Mathematics mleverentz@msspahs.org 1349 Link to website
Maupin, Nancy Special Education nmaupin@msspahs.org 1361 n/a
McFarlane, Matthew Director of Operations mmcfarlane@msspahs.org 1342 n/a
Miller, Alison Math / Gift & Talent Coordinator amiller@msspahs.org 1355 Link to websiteLink to website
Mollick, Rachel Music rmollick@msspahs.org 1352 Link to website
Mollick, Steve Music smollick@msspahs.org 1353 Link to music theory websiteLink to music history websiteLink to world music website
Montgomery, Tania Director of Student Life tmontgomery@msspahs.org 1348 n/a
Omernik, Sarah Language Arts somernik@msspahs.org 952-224-1340
x 1375
Link to website
Popp, Tim Science tpopp@msspahs.org 1357 n/a
Robinson, Tim History trobinson@msspahs.org 1364 Link to website
Schauwitzer, Cassy Language Arts cschauwitzer@msspahs.org 1359 Link to website
Thompson, Robert Director of Outreach and Development rthompson@msspahs.org 1345 Link to website
Tonjes, Brenda Office Manager brenda.tonjes@msspahs.org 1361 n/a
Wilson, Stephanie Special Education Paraprofessional swilson@msspahs.org 1361 n/a
Zepeda, Deb Business Manager dzepeda@msspahs.org 1346 n/a