Student Life

From Yearbook to the Dance Concerts, National Honor Society to A Cappella Ensemble, Jazz Combo to Ultimate Frisbee you can find something to spark your interest as a student artist here at MSSPA.  Classes are a huge part of the day and in your arts classes as well as in your academics, student artists are challenged to go farther, push their limits and create. But they day doesn’t end at 2:20 pm, we have a selection of extra curricular activities that student artists can engage in.  Each teacher also has time after school to assist students who need help or make up any missing assignments. Plus a fall and spring school dance, Prom and our open mic NO SHAME, there is something for everyone.

Our Guidance and Counseling office is open to help student artists find the support they need in searching for a great post high school option, applying for a job, or just a safe place to talk, Ms. Piner our School Counselor is here for all students. Additionally Ms. Soskin is available twice a week to help students on their search for life after MSSSPA

Check out a listing of our Block 5 (after school) offerings by clicking here.